Ancient Crystal Quartz Weighing Unit Unearthed in Keeladi Excavation

Ancient Crystal Quartz Weighing Unit Unearthed in Keeladi Excavation

 The Smiley Stone- August 2024 — In a groundbreaking discovery that has left archaeologists and historians intrigued, a weighing unit crafted from crystal quartz has been unearthed in the ongoing excavations at the historic site of Keeladi. The revelation was announced by R. Sivanandam, the Joint Director of the Department of Archaeology, who highlighted the unprecedented nature of the find.

"This is an extraordinary discovery that marks a significant milestone in our Keeladi excavation journey," said R. Sivanandam. "For the first time in the history of Keeladi excavations, we have uncovered a weighing unit crafted out of crystal quartz. This finding sheds new light on the intricate craftsmanship and technological capabilities of the ancient civilization that thrived here."

The crystal quartz weighing unit was discovered during the 9th phase of excavations at a depth of 175 cm within the quadrant XM19/3. Notably, this discovery not only adds to the already extensive collection of artifacts found at Keeladi but also holds distinct features that set it apart from previous findings.

Describing the unique characteristics of the crystal quartz weighing unit, Mr. Sivanandam elaborated, "The object exhibits a somewhat spherical shape, with the top and base of a sphere intentionally removed and flattened. Its surface is remarkably smooth, and what's truly captivating is its transparency. This transparency allows us to glimpse into the past, quite literally, as we marvel at the expertise of the artisans who created it."

The purpose of the crystal quartz weighing unit remains a subject of speculation among experts. "Given the material and craftsmanship involved, it's reasonable to assume that this artifact held significant value and possibly played a role in ceremonial or trade activities," suggested Dr. Ananya Menon, an archaeologist familiar with the Keeladi site.

The discovery holds broader implications for understanding the cultural and technological advancements of the ancient civilization that inhabited Keeladi. As researchers continue to meticulously examine and analyze the artifact, it is anticipated that new insights will emerge regarding the socio-economic dynamics, trade networks, and scientific knowledge of the time.

As the excavation efforts at Keeladi progress, the unearthing of the crystal quartz weighing unit stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of archaeologists and historians in piecing together the puzzle of our past. The findings at Keeladi have already contributed significantly to rewriting history, and this recent discovery only further underscores the archaeological significance of the site.

The crystal quartz weighing unit will soon be carefully transported to a preservation facility, where it will undergo thorough cleaning, analysis, and documentation. Researchers are eagerly looking forward to unraveling more mysteries surrounding this extraordinary artifact and its role in the ancient Keeladi civilization.

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