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The Smiley Stone



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"Crystals are energetic entities, pulsating with life since the dawn of creation. Every object and being possesses its unique frequency and vibration."

- Nikola Tesla-

Introducing Olympus the Great, the inaugural figure from The Smiley Stone's collection of peace warriors, crafted exclusively from carefully gathered semi-precious stones by the talented Leticia del Monte.

Leticia del Monte is a multidimensional creative with over two decades of experience in visual, music, and TV production projects. Through deep meditation on July 13, 2022, she channeled the essence of Olympus the Great. Recognizing that the nature of reality is in constant flux, with physical and energetic structures, as well as the meanings of objects and phenomena, evolving continuously, Leticia has chosen not to assemble the stones. Instead, the photograph represents a magical moment captured and encapsulated within.

Olympus embodies a state of perfect tranquility, where even the strongest winds fail to disturb its serene peace. When you receive this unique creation, you will have the opportunity to play with the stones and shape your own figurines, always mindful that true peace resides within. The Gold Card accompanying your purchase serves as both a certificate of authenticity and Olympus' birth record.

Components: Six parts. 

2-Citrines / Chemical formula: SiO₂

1-Green Jasper / 



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