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Play with Rubies - 100 Cts/8 Pcs Natural Ruby Mix Faceted

Play with Rubies - 100 Cts/8 Pcs Natural Ruby Mix Faceted

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Rubies, those dazzling gems that capture the very essence of passion and vitality, are a true marvel of nature! Like drops of fiery joy hidden within the depths of the Earth, rubies have enchanted humans for centuries. These vibrant red gemstones are a variety of the mineral corundum, and their color is a result of the presence of chromium. The ruby's crimson hues have long been associated with love, strength, and courage, making them a symbol of fiery devotion. Whether you're an avid gemstone enthusiast or just beginning your journey into the world of gemology, the ruby's rich history and unparalleled beauty are sure to leave you awestruck. Join us on this radiant adventure as we explore the mesmerizing world of rubies and uncover the secrets that make them truly precious gems!Item Length: 10mm to 16mm Approx. 

These loose rubies are like nature's finest puzzle pieces, waiting for you to explore their vivid colors, intricate inclusions, and unique personalities.

Shape & Cut: Pear Rectangular facedet cut. 

Gemstone Clarity Grade. Clarity enhanced, color enhanced. 

Gemstone Creation: Natural. 

Gemstone Origin: Madagascar. 

Package content: 8 pieces. 

Type: Loose Gemstones. 

Transparency: Opaque. 

Purpose: Collection or for any kind of jewelry. 

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